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If you'd like to report a bug, request a feature, or contribute to the website's code, use the detailed instructions at this

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Working via GitHub is preferred, but if you really can't, you can always use the form below to make any suggestion.

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Need inspiration?

Here is a list outlining several gaps that remain to be filled.

Relevant open questions

  1. It is unknown whether or not a right PCI ring is left PCI.
  2. It is unknown whether or not a right FI-injective ring is left FI-injective.
  3. It is unknown whether or not a right quasi-duo ring is left quasi-duo.


To help maintain the quality of content and integrity of the database, please keep these points in mind:

  • We might not accept every suggestion.
  • Did you check the database to see if your ring example or property is already there? (Accidents will happen and we can deal with it, but it's best to avoid that altogether.)
  • It is really important to have good citations! (Incorrect proofs and claims exist, unfortunately.)
  • Multiple high-quality citations are helpful. (Readers will have more places to look.)

People who have contributed!

Recorded here are the larger community contributions which have benefited the site (in no particular order):

  • During the summer 2022, Helena Read and Guillermo Segura Picon, two students of Jeremy Rickard, contributed much material as part of an undergraduate research project. Their work resulted in the clarification of hundreds of ring-property relationships, a handful of new logic entries, and indirectly leading to the addition of ring 134 (due to Pace Nielsen). The ring is significant because it resolves an open (so far as we know) question about whether or not UGP is left-right symmetric.
  • Pace Nielsen: Rings 134
  • MatheinBoulomenos: Rings 99, 100, 103, 104, 105, 135, 136, 137, 138, 160
  • Sakurai: Rings 84,85
  • Watson: Rings 61,62
  • jose.simental: Rings 66,89
  • kc_kennylau: Rings 101,107
  • JeremyRickard: Rings 120,121
  • bfhaha: Ring 98
  • dbossaller: Ring 119
  • KReiser: Ring 129
  • JoseBrox: Ring 126
  • loch: Ring 102
  • dyunov: Rings 159, 163, 178 179 181
  • Sergio Lopez-Permouth: Ring 183