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The database is always growing, and is always in need of more content, especially ring examples and citations for specific claims.

To help maintain the quality of content and integrity of the database, please keep these points in mind:
  • We might not accept every suggestion.
  • Did you check the database to see if your ring example or property is already there? (Accidents will happen and we can deal with it, but it's best to avoid that altogether.)
  • It is really important to have good citations! (Incorrect proofs and claims exist, unfortunately.)
  • Multiple high-quality citations are helpful. (Readers will have more places to look.)

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Need inspiration?

Here is a list outlining several gaps that remain to be filled.

Relevant open questions

  1. It is unknown whether or not a right PCI ring is left PCI.
  2. It is unknown whether or not a right QI ring is left QI.
  3. It is unknown whether or not a right quasi-duo ring is left quasi-duo.