Ring $R_{ 115 }$

Left-not-right pseudo-Frobenius ring


Let $L$ be a field, $K=L((Y))$, and define an endomorphism of $K$ by $\alpha(Y)=Y^n$. Let $S=K[X;\alpha]$ be the twisted power series with $Xk:=\alpha(k)X$. The ring is $R=T(S, E)$, where $E$ is $S$'s minimal left cogenerator. $E$ can be realized as the set $[X^{-1}]$... ( to be completed)

Keywords power series ring trivial extension twisted (skew) polynomial ring


  • F. Dischinger and W. Müller. Left PF is not right PF. (1986) @ .

  • = has the property
  • = does not have the property
  • = information not in database

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