Ring $R_{ 153 }$

2-dimensional uniserial domain


Let $T$ be the localization $\mathbb Z[i]_{(2-i)}$. This is a subring of $\mathbb Q[i]$. Let $S$ be the skew power series $\mathbb Q[i][x;\sigma]$ where $\sigma$ is complex conjugation, so that $\alpha x=x\bar\alpha$. The ring $R$ is the subring of $S$ whose constant terms lie in $T$.

Keywords power series ring subring twisted (skew) polynomial ring


  • G. Puninski. Projective modules over the endomorphism ring of a biuniform module. (2004) @ Section 7 p 18

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Name Description
Idempotents $\{0,1\}$
Left singular ideal $\{0\}$
Left socle $\{0\}$
Nilpotents $\{0\}$
Right singular ideal $\{0\}$
Right socle $\{0\}$
Zero divisors $\{0\}$